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Judge Announcement: Celyn George!

Judge Announcement: Celyn George!

Date: 10th September 2019 | By: Kelly Jenkins

We are thrilled to announce our third member of our independent judging panel, Celyn George, who is a Health Visitor with experience in both Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing. Celyn is also currently developing products to comfort babies through the teething period. With her experience and qualifications, Celyn is going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the judging panel in term of children's health, well being and development which is paramount when delivering services and activities for children. On a personal note, Celyn grew up in Carmarthenshire and is a fluent Welsh speaker who now lives in Swansea with her partner and their pooches George and Bella!

We asked Celyn what her first thoughts were when she was approached to judge the Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards. Celyn said, "I felt very grateful and privileged to be given this opportunity as I feel as a Health Visitor, Children's Activities and Servicesoften go unsung. Therefore, providing these businesses  the recognition they need is important to all families throughout Wales. I've always strongly believed that children's activities and servicesplay a big role in bonding and development, enabling children to achieve highest possible health and well-being outcomes".

Celyn went on to say she feels these awards are great for communities throughout Wales as well as the businesses entering as it gives reassurance of great quality practices, she said, "I feel being a finalist within this event will benefit the community by giving recognition of quality practice and direct parents to best possible services within their area. Therefore, by applauding all the hard work, dedication and success of children's activities and services and encouraging parents to attend, this will provide early intervention of isolation in parenthood and develop children's milestones by socialising and engaging in play and other activities".

We asked Celyn what she will be looking for in applications to really win her over, she said, I feel that businesses should be approachable, and able to communicate effectively with families to provide a safe and nurturing environment so this should come across in the application. Furthermore, buisnesses should engage with both children and their families together to make an inclusive service for all, no matter what their background, ethnicity, gender, sex or age. They should advocate development and provide good public health messages to all clients".Given her professional background, Celyn felt it was important to get involved with the awards from a health perspective and is looking forward to being able to sign-post families to appropriate services in the local community as well as sharing her new knowledge with colleagues throughout Wales. This process will give Celyn access not only to the winners but to all the fantastic services who apply that are available throughout Wales. We encourage you to put an application in at whatever stage you are at with your business, service or activities because you really will be putting it in front of an invaluable audience who could help propel your success.

We would like to thank Celyn for her support so far throughout the process and for her kind donation of a charity raffle prize of a free facial through her specialist medical aesthetics business, Clinical Beauty Aesthetics, who are also the category sponsor for Independent of the Year. Keep a look out for your next member of the judging panel being announced soon.