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Events and Party Services Category Sponsor!

Events and Party Services Category Sponsor!

Date: 21st November 2019 | By: Kelly Jenkins

The Events and Party Services of the Year award is proudly sponsored by Rebecca Kift Beauty. Here she tell us in her own words about herself and her family, her business and why she thinks the Wales Children's Activities and Services are important to families and businesses alike..

"I am Rebecca Kift of Rebecca Kift Beauty. (It took me such a long time to think of that name!) I have been in the Beauty industry since the tender age of 16, dropping out of college, studying fashion after just 5 months, I finally managed to convince my parents to allow me to give Beauty a go, (it wasn’t a very popular industry to go in to all those years ago) For me personally, an apprenticeship was the most appealing idea. Earning money with minimum classroom time was what I wanted, while gaining hands on experience. So I completed my apprenticeship at 1192 beauty and continued to work there for another 4 years. I’m a sucker for staying in my comfort zone so I had to push myself to have a change of scenery and move to a different salon. This is when I went to work at Irresistible Beauty where I stayed for 8 years on and off.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

"To be truthful my dream was never to own a salon, or to even have a house or a family, my biggest dream was to travel as much as I could. And so I did. I would never have been ready to start my own business without even attempting to travel first. It’s not for everyone but I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my youth by settling down too young. I travelled on and off over the space of 3 years with my husband (then boyfriend) Andrew. I was lucky enough to have been able to return to Irresistible in between my travels.

It wasn’t until I was on Maternity leave that I started to actively think about starting on my own. As much as I loved working in the salon with the Irresistible girls, this was my 3rd time being away from the salon and I felt it was the right time to move on.

Mainly to suit my new family lifestyle, 10 months into motherhood with my son Max, I messaged Katie, the owner of ‘St James Beauty and aesthetics’ to start the process of going down the self employed route. With Andrew also being self employed, running a successful electrical Company, it was a big decision for me to go alone too. With much discussion and a bit of a persuasion I decided to go for it! I started in September 2019 so I am still very new to this but loving it so far.

The things I enjoy about running my own business ... where do I start!? (Not in order)
1. Flexibility- creating my own hours (so important with a little one)
2. Being able to work from home sometimes in my pjs.
3. Hot cups of tea!
4. The feeling of being super independent (massive one for me, being so independent before having a baby, it’s so nice to have some of this back)
5. Being able to put my own ideas and personality into my treatments/price lists etc
6. Just being a girl boss!
7. Of course getting to know clients and keeping up to date with everyone’s lives. I genuinely could sit and chat to my clients all day.
8... I could go on and on... "

What have been some of your biggest challenges?

"A constant challenge is advertising and self promotion. It’s not something that comes naturally to me so I find it difficult sitting down nearly every night and choosing what I put out there on social media to promote myself. Another challenge is keeping up with paperwork, it’s so easy to finish clients at the end of the day, switch the lights off and go home but I always have to find the extra push to finish off the day by working out my income and outgoings, doing social media, etc. Maybe one day I’ll be able to employ someone todo all of that!? Also a massive challenge is getting out of the house on time after a rubbish night with the baby and putting a face of make up on and adulting for the day. Mamas you feel me!?

With both me and my husband being self employed it is extremely hard to find a balance but as soon as we get home from work we switch off from work mode and have ‘house/family time’ once Max is in bed and we've both eaten, we then sit down and do anything else we need todo regarding work. I will admit he is far busier than me (work wise) with a bigger company so the balance is something we’re still working on at the moment. Although, we try extra hard to have Sunday as a full on family day. I’m still getting into the swing of things though and until I find a balance, things like the gym, sorting the house out, basic hygiene (joke) will have to take a back seat for now."

What made you get involved with the awards?

"I’ve known Kelly for just short of a year now, and the way she runs Beaming Babies whilst having her own little family amazes me, so when she told me about the awards I was instantly in awe and was more than happy to be involved. Before having a child of my own it’s not something I’d ever really taken notice of but anyone involved in an industry involving children and babies definitely need to be recognised and celebrated. Babies and children are amazing but mad little creatures and anyone who is brave enough to work with them day in day out deserve all the praise and recognition the world! (With a big glass of wine to end each day)" 

Why do you feel the awards are important?

"As a parent you want your child to be exposed to the best possible people and surroundings they can be. With these awards in place it will help parents recognise some of the best in the industry, making the decision of which play group to go to, which photographer to use etc a bit easier. And it’s a lovely excuse for everyone to wipe the dribble off their T-shirt’s, brush the food out of there hair and get glammed up for the evening to celebrate this amazing industry!"