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A New Sponsor!

A New Sponsor!

Date: 26th November 2019 | By: Kelly Jenkins

We are so pleased to introduce a new sponsor to the awards; Rubba-Bubba Baby Massage who are sponsoring the Play Centre of the Year category. Tash, who is the founder of Rubba-Bubba Baby Massage, has a vested interest in this sector and was keen to show her support to these awards. Here we find out a little bit more about her and her business...

Tash has loved professionally working with and caring for babies for as long as she can remember, from baby-sitting and child minding, to qualifying as a nursery nurse. In 2009, she qualified as a Children’s nurse (RCBN) in Swansea University. In January 2013 she founded Rubba-bubba baby massage as well as becoming a mum to a beautiful little girl. Tash runs Rubba-bubba along side her children, her nursing career and has worked in the Special Care Baby Unit and children's ward in Glangwilli. She is currently within the health visiting team before applying to become a health visitor in 2020.

Tash qualified as an infant massage and yoga instructor with one of the UK’s leading training providers Hands on babies in London. The qualification is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). She said of baby massage and yoga,  “Being part of so many stressful and traumatic times for both parents and baby, (whether baby needed SCBU or not) plus as a mum of 2 myself, I can really appreciate the precious time you have with your baby and the barriers you may face. Baby massage and baby yoga really overcomes a lot of those hurdles that exist in day-to-day life as a new mum. I love the fact baby massage and yoga is such a simple and relaxing skill but yet there’s so many benefits to.”

Rubba-bubba baby massage offers a small and friendly baby massage and baby yoga classes in and around Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swansea. It gives parents the opportunity to learn a fun and relaxing new skill, spend important quality time with their new baby, enjoy the many benefits that baby massage can offer and chat with other new parents.

Rubba-bubba is building a very reputable brand that parents can trust. Our mission is to provide small, safe and personal classes for parents and their babies to get the most out of this special time together. There are also opportunities to join the Rubba-bubba family where you could enjoy a flexible, family orientated and rewarding business. Their comprehensive accredited 2 day training course will fully equip you with the confidence and knowledge to run your own successful baby massage classes


We asked Tash what she enjoys most about running her own business...

"The thing I love most is empowering mums to be in business which provides an imperative support network of classes for parents on this rollercoaster of parenting....oh and it is a roooollllerrrcoaster, but you never want to get off!"


Tash went on to tell us about some of the challenges she has faced in this industry and how she overcame them...

"As a nurse I had never done anything to do with business, I had never updated a website, heard of a mailing list or put in a tax return but I put my big girls pants on and learnt! I am proud to say I have grown this little biz from a tiny tiny seed, I've nurtured it, grown it and sustained it all by my little self and am very proud of what I have achieved. I then knew I had outgrown running it by myself, however I have been a children's nurse for 10 years and I have always wanted to run Rubba-bubba along side my nursing. When I couldn't keep up with the demand for classes (go me!) in different areas I decided to franchise to offer more classes run by mums for mums :) I now love watching and supporting their classes grow to!"


What made you decide to support the Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards?

"I am all for supporting and celebrating the very hard work we do as business owners! (Go us!) and those in children's activities and services are particularly close to my they say never work with children or animals!"


Why do you feel it is important to reward and recognise this sector in Wales?

"I think it's really important to recognise it as we don't get a lot of recognition! The hard work behind the scenes of a children's activity or service is totally underestimated....from trawling the counties for clean and warm venues, the planning, the admin, the worry of anyone showing up (baby brain) and don't get me started on the tiding up afterwards! I know they don't do it for awards however to have this recognition will be the cherry on top!"

We would like to thank Tash and her team at Rubba-Bubba Baby Massage for their support. If you would like any further information about their services please do not hesitate to contact Tash. See you at the awards Team Rubba-Bubba!