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Give it a ‘try’ just like Rugbytots Mid Glamorgan…

Give it a ‘try’ just like Rugbytots Mid Glamorgan…

Date: 21st February 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins

The Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards were held on January 17th 2020 at The Village Hotel, although it was only last month it seems like a life time ago in light of the fact January had 456 days (!) but today we are pleased to shine a light on Rugbytots Mid Glamorgan run by Rhodri Holloway. On the evening, his business took home two accolades. Highly Commended Baby & Toddler Class of the Year and Winner of Sports Club of the Year. A huge achievement for Rhodri and his team! We spoke to Rhodri to find out a little more...



Tell us about your business


Rugbytots is a children's rugby play programme for 2-7 year old boys and girls. Our fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.


I started the franchise in 2015 in Mid Glamorgan and since then we've had a fantastic uptake from our local customers in our area with lots of budding new rugby players starting their journey with us. We currently run  32 classes a week catering for around 320 children across our area.

It's such a rewarding career to be involved with seeing so many happy and smiling children at Rugbytots each week learning new skills and making new friends and having lots of fun!

You won Sports Club of the Year and Highly Commended in Baby and Toddler Class of the Year, this is a huge achievement! How did it feel on the night to be called up not once, but twice?


I was so surprised and honoured to be called up twice on the night, I had no idea that Rugbytots would do so well and be recognised never mind winning an award! With so many other fantastic business in the room on the evening and several other children's providers out there it was such a proud moment for us at Rugbytots to be part of the awards evening.  It really drives home the importance of working hard to reach out to children and parents across the region and introduce more children to the benefits of sport and specifically Rugbytots.

Has receiving these awards impacted your business activity so far?


We've received a huge boost on our social media pages recently with lots of messages of congratulations and new followers which has led to us being able to reach more people across the area.  We've also incorporated the Wales CASA logo into our marketing which we're really proud to show off as well as giving us a huge confidence boost to keep working hard and achieve our goals!

Can you share some of your goals for 2020 with us (other than scooping 2 awards before January was over!)?

We're always looking to offer Rugbytots to more and more parents across our area, and one of our main goals is to reach out to more nurseries and schools to offer Rugbytots for their children during the week.  We feel sport and physical education is such an important part of the curriculum and especially keeping children active and healthy and enjoying taking part in sport!


At Rugbytots we use lots of colourful equipment, shapes, rugby balls and obstacle courses that are perfect for young children to explore to learn through play. As well as developing their literacy and numeracy skills with counting, shapes, colours and new skills at Rugbytots.  We're hoping to reach out to more schools and nurseries not only for children to enjoy playing rugby but for the educational benefits that Rugbytots provides - just like reading and writing, children need to learn how to move too!

If someone was considering entering the awards this summer, what would you say to them?


100% GO FOR IT!


Thank you Rhodri! We wish you all the best for 2020 and hope to see you again next year!