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Getting your kids’ activity business online!

Getting your kids’ activity business online!

Date: 6th May 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins

Hey there amazing kids' activity provider...

Have a quick browse of social media and you'll see lots of children's activity businesses doing all sorts of fabulous things online.

But if you keep looking for longer? You'll probably notice a few mistakes too.

It can be really overwhelming to even know where to start when taking your kids' activity business online, especially if you're looking for some new customers too.  And you don't know what you don't know, right?

So here are a few honest mistakes I've spotted recently...

Trying to upload endless amounts of pre-recorded video in HD

If you're trying to upload video content in 1080p it WILL take forever unless you're using a platform that compresses it automatically. You want to get your business online QUICKLY right?! Try dropping the resolution down from 1080p (the next level down is usually 720p) when you export it and see if that helps. Want to get your classes online even quicker than that?! Do live content instead - then there's no saving, editing or uploading required!

Using social media to sell, sell, sell instead of building trust, connection and community

If you're looking for new customers, it's a LOT harder to build know, like and trust over the internet than when you meet people face to face.  And if your prospects don't trust you yet? They won't buy from you yet either.  So how can we build trust online?  First of all, don't hide behind your brand - people buy from people - so share your selfies, your behind the scenes photos or footage and share some stories about you and your business.  Secondly, giving people an experience of working with you allows them to see the quality of your service so offer trial periods, a limited amount of free content or tasters before inviting them to your paid classes and they'll be much more likely to opt for your paid activities later!

Trying to stay on top of the never ending admin associated when offering 'pay as you go'

It's hard going staying on top of all those permissions, right? Giving access rights, taking away access rights and constantly having to check who has paid.  There's a reason most online services are paid for on a monthly recurring basis and not only will it save you the effort, it'll save your customers time & effort too.  And the easier we can make things for them right now? The longer they'll stay with us!  If you're providing a mixture of live and pre-recorded content or other e-learning resources, you'll be able to provide tonnes of value for your customers at a monthly rate so it's a win win situation for both of you!

Making it all 'me me me' and not about 'them them them'

When you're marketing your services remember it's not about you - it's all about them! So talk less about your experience, qualifications and awards (which DO have their place, but not all the time) and more about your customer experience and the results and benefits they get from your work.  What's even better than that?! Get THEM to talk about it.  Share parent testimonials, their own pictures of children following along at home and feedback from the children too.  And if you're one of those people that won't book a trip online or order an online product without checking the reviews? Your customers probably won't either so make sure you've got some up to date reviews on your pages too!

Not collecting contact details from people who are viewing your free content

If you're going to offer content for free, that's a great way of building the know, like and trust factor but if you don't know who viewed your free lives, how are you going to follow up with them to invite them to work with you and up-sell your paid activities?  If you're doing a free live lesson, get them to register.  If you're giving away a free pre-recorded video class, get them to 'opt-in' and if you're doing a free trial of your membership, collect those contact details! Online registration forms, lead pages and digital downloads are all great ways of collecting details before giving away your free content so you can follow up with your prospects and convert them into happy and loyal PAYING customers who love your new online activity! 

Thinking you need to have professional videos and flashy membership sites

My biggest message to you right now is that taking your children's business online doesn't have to take a long time, it doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to involve lots of 'tech.'  Your customers just need access to YOU! Whatever that looks like right now.  Some of my favourite platforms to use in my business are so simple and free to use - Google Drive for pre-recorded videos, Zoom for live and interactive content, Facebook Groups for memberships, JotForms for registration pages and PayPal for recurring payments.  So keep it simple, get online and go help those families that need you right now.  And if you need a little help with that? I'm here for you too.

Cerys Keneally helps dance teachers & kids' activity providers to get work with UK schools & nurseries without cold-calling them so they can begin to approach schools with confidence, even if they've tried in the past with no response. In times of crisis, Cerys has been helping members of her community to quickly get their businesses online without expensive platforms or lots of 'tech' so they can continue doing what they love! 

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