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Mes Enfants – Independent of the Year!

Mes Enfants – Independent of the Year!

Date: 23rd May 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins

We caught up with Rebecca Treharne (virtually of course!) who owns Mes Enfants Private Pre-School Nursery based in the picturesque Mumbles, Swansea. Rebecca and her team won "Independent of the Year" 2020 at the awards. Here we find out more about this lovely business!

Tell us about your business...

Mes Enfants Nursery is made up of a completely incredible group of women who are dedicated to the children in their care and support each other both as colleagues and friends.  The Nursery which was established in 2003 has always worked towards being different to other nurseries in our approach and ethos.  We actively form close relationships with our parents and children, going above and beyond to enable them to happily leave their child in our care.  The Mes Enfants girls are talented, inspirational, forward thinking and proactive.  The activities they create for our little ones are fun and stimulating, helping each child develop at their own speed. Each staff member brings skills and attributes to the Nursery that feed the children’s need to absorb and learn.  We have a fluent Welsh speaker, a ukulele player, several incredible artists, environment and recycling enthusiast and many, many more.  As a nursery, we are always looking to develop new and interesting ways for the children to play and learn.  We have several themed rooms, Reflection Room, Adventure, The Senses Room, Creative, Role play and Big play (as well as a room dedicated to our littlest Munchkins, Baby Room) which the children visit in small groups throughout the day. We have an incredible messy outdoor play, natural area, as well as a beach to visit just across the road!  We have a huge emphasis on recycling, sustainability and protecting our environment.  We have plastic free food deliveries, a special recycling area in our foyer for parents and children, recycled products for craft activities, a wormery and many more! Our social media both Instagram and Facebook, aim to delight our supporters and children alike, with interesting, funny and heart warming posts.  The staff have worked at the Nursery for many years and our reputation precedes us, we are very very proud to be part of this wonderful ethos!

What has been your proudest moment in business?

Its impossible to pick one, their have been several….when we helped a child settle at Nursery when the Mum had tried many others as he was incredibly withdrawn and nervous but now loves nursery and has changed in his confidence completely….a member of staff has taught a new song to a little one and they receive an email form the parents showing them singing at home…when a child forms a close friendship with another child and that carries on into school and beyond…when we hear, out of the blue, from a parent whose child came to us many years ago and they just wanted to say hi, thank us again and send pictures…..when a parent thanks us for helping their child learn to eat new foods that they just couldn’t persuade them to do at home…..and of course winning our award this year was an incredible moment that the staff team so so deserved.

If someone is considering applying for these awards in August, what would you say to them?

I would tell someone who is considering entering the awards, have a go, you will doubt yourself (I did) but it is definitely worth getting the recognition you deserve. When we won, I said to my girls “so we are as good as we think we are”.  I’m not big headed, I never have been but this award was definitely the recognition we deserved and it was such a pleasure to be around so many other deserving businesses.

Can you sum up your awards experience in three words?

Uplifting, rewarding, incredible!

Thank you so much Rebecca and team. Watch this space for more exciting Mes Enfants news coming soon!