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Application Writing; Guidance and Advice!

Application Writing; Guidance and Advice!

Date: 16th June 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins

Application writing…it’s not easy, is it? Singing our own praises and blowing our own trumpets doesn’t come naturally to us when we often we spend our lives looking at how we can improve ourselves, our business, our goals. But wait a second…you deserve to be recognised for what you have achieved. You deserve to be celebrated! Talk to yourself and about yourself the way you would to a child in your class or club, and you’ll probably find that you start to see all the wonderful things you’ve achieved and reasons to be proud. And we want to hear about them!


We have put together some guidelines and advice to help steer you through the process of applying for our awards…


  1. It’s a story…

We want to know all about you and your story; what is your “why”? What led you to starting your business and what has your business journey looked like to date? Share the highs but also share the lows and how you overcame them. Don’t forget, this isn’t a computer says no (or yes) job. The people reading your application are human beings. Compassionate human beings who will no doubt relate to a lot of what you will say. They want to hear about you, so don’t be afraid to share!


  1. Show us your personality…

We love to see personality injected into applications. It makes it fun; it makes it exciting and it makes you stand out from the crowd. Remember, you’re not applying for a job here – so whilst it’s a serious process – we encourage you to have a little fun with it! Last year a finalist wished everyone love and magic sprinkles to conclude the application – now we know that isn’t for everyone, but it was completely in line with their brand and it made the application memorable.


  1. Be specific

When writing your application, you should carefully consider every category you are applying for and make sure you address each one. Before you start, get a pen and piece of paper and create a mind map with every category you’re entering and list the reasons why you should win that category. This will allow you to address all of these points throughout the application and demonstrate specifically why your business should win the categories you are entering.


  1. Facts, figures and testimonials

Evidence your claims! We’re not asking for commercially sensitive information here, but if you can back up your claims with facts, figures and testimonials it will strengthen the credibility of your application. It also makes for a more interesting read as it breaks down the style of writing when you bring in snippets of a testimonial or some numerical figures.


  1. Detail and presentation

Whilst we are not looking for war and peace, we would like to see a detailed application that demonstrates you care about the process. Our team and judges will spend hours upon hours reading through each application giving everyone the thought and care they deserve. We’d love to read applications where we can see just how much thought and care has gone into writing it too. As proven last year, the competition is fierce so throwing a few lines together sadly won’t cut it. We would also recommend having a friend or family member to proofread your application; we don’t mark on spelling and grammar as we don’t believe that to be an indicator of how well run or beneficial your children’s activity is, but a polished application sets the bar high from the start.


So, there you have it, our top 5 pieces of advice when it comes to writing your application. We’d also like to remind you that our judges will sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to assessing the applications. This means they commit to absolutely confidentiality in terms of the content so you can write your application safe in the knowledge that it will not be shared with anyone who is not directly involved in the process.


For any questions please do get in touch with us by emailing


Applications open on August 1st and we can’t wait to hear from you then!