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First judge announcement…The Tired Mama Collection!

First judge announcement…The Tired Mama Collection!

Date: 30th August 2019 | By: Kelly Jenkins

It is with great excitement that we announce our first member of the judging panel. Introducing the extraordinary Welsh talent that is Danielle Davies, founder of The Tired Mama Collection. Here is everything you need to know about the original Tired Mama.

In 2016, Danielle left her teaching career behind to become a full time mum after the brith of her second son. The childcare fees that came with having two young boys, made it difficult for Danielle to return to full time work, and financially, being at home was the best option for the family.

During this time at home, the idea for The Tired Mama Collection came and in April 2017, the brand was launched. Danielle hoped that one day she would be able to build a small business that would be flexible with childcare, school runs and toddler naps, not just for herself but hopefully employing other local mamas in the same position too.

Two years later, the brand has grown from strength to strength selling clothing to mamas worldwide. The brand now employs a small team of four mums and is run from their own industrial unit in Llandarcy.

We asked Danielle what her first thoughts were when she was approached to judge the Wales Children’s Activities and Services Awards (of course, we had all our fingers and toes crossed that she would say yes!).

Danielle said, “There is such a huge variety of children's service and activities in the local area, I am so thrilled that there is finally a platform to celebrate and recognise these businesses. I am most excited about hearing the stories related to each business and really get behind the scenes to the people and faces behind them.”

Of being a finalist or winning an award, Danielle went on to say, “By being a finalist in an award event not only gives you another platform to increase your brand awareness, but it also allows you to network and connect with similar businesses which I feel is invaluable.

Awards also provided you with a moral boost, not only to yourself but to your team. To be recognised for your hard work and dedication is a great way of giving yourself the extra drive and motivation to see success and growth.

Finally, for a third party to provide you with a business award, will of course give your business additional credibility. This could bring a number of new customers, clients and opportunities to your door.”

As a successful Welsh business woman and a Mama herself it was important to us that Danielle joined our judging panel, but we asked Danielle why it was important to her to be involved with the Wales Children’s Services and Activities Awards.

“Over the recent years, there has been a huge drive in small local business and self employment, and more often than not, they can be under-estimated. I think until you have walked in the shoes of a business owner and seen the amount of work and sometimes difficulties experienced, it's hard to fully appreciate how lucky we are to have them.

For me, to be in the position where I have an insight on the work that goes on behind the scenes, it makes it even more important for me to ensure that everyone is given a chance to be put on a pedestal and thanked for their service and dedication, especially here in Wales.

As a mother, having our first baby was a crazy time, to live in a local area where the services and activities offered to parents are at such a high standard, it really helped us to adjust to our new life. Without the local activities offered to me as a new mother, it may have been a very lonely and isolated time. That is why these awards are so important, to recognise that value."

Given the success of The Tired Mama Collection, we asked Danielle what advice she would give other business owners in Wales who want to grow and drive their business forward.

“Don't be ashamed of being small. We all thrive for success and to be the biggest and the best! Of course, there are many businesses where you need to portray yourself to be a big professional brand. For me, as an online business, I am competing with the giants. Fast delivery times, a huge variety and lower prices. These are sometimes just not manageable for a small, one-man band. So, focus on the things you can do that they can't! Put a face and background to the brand, let people get to know you and in turn, trust you. Offer personal customer service. Talk to your customers, thank them personally. Hand wrap things beautifully, give a great service from start to finish!

Put yourself out there. It is often daunting to stand up and say: "I am good enough", especially to strangers! But if you don't, then who will? With small businesses emerging from everywhere recently, you can quickly get lost amongst it all. Stand up and shout. Share your customer reviews, awards and achievements! Nominate yourself for awards. For me, it was important that I reached out to local retailers to stock our items, it was terrifying to pick up the phone or email and convince someone, who has probably never heard of us, that we are worthy, and they need your items in their shop. But if I didn't do it, who would."

Finally, don't be disheartened by knock-backs. Remember, even the greatest have tried and failed, and have been rejected.”

Lastly, we asked Danielle what can business owners do in their application to really win her over!

"I love to hear about the personal stories that go behind a business, their reasons for setting up, the service they offer and what makes them unique."

We would like to thank Danielle for taking the time to interview with us and for agreeing to be a part of our judging panel. She will bring expert business knowledge to the panel as well as a Mama’s touch and plenty of fun and laughs (if you check out The Tired Mama Collection’s Instagram stories, you will see what we mean!)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting announcement of our next member of the judging panel coming very soon!