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Tots Play Cardiff North – Baby and Toddler Class of the Year Winners 2020!

Tots Play Cardiff North – Baby and Toddler Class of the Year Winners 2020!

Date: 6th March 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins
Kate owns and runs the Tots Play Cardiff North franchise and won Baby and Toddler Class of the Year at the 2020 awards. We spoke to her to find out more about her business and her awards experience...
Tell us about your business:
Hi! I'm Kate and I run Tots Play Baby & Toddler play classes in Cardiff North! We combine Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Baby Sign, Sensory Play and loads more into 3 different classes split by age and Developmental stage! I've been running for 5 and a half years now and I absolutely love it!
What made you decide to enter Wales CASA?
My fellow Franchisee and friend Angharad who runs Tots Play Neath told me about the Awards - there are no other Awards that focus on Welsh businesses in our sector and I think its fantastic that we get to celebrate all the great childrens activity & service providers here.

Can you describe how it felt on the evening to be called to stage as the
winner of Baby & Toddler Class of the Year?!
Well!! I absolutely wasn't expecting to win at all!! I had mentally thought through what I would say about a week before but really didnt think I would need to make a speech as I really didnt think I would win!!

It was fantastic!!!! I was so, so happy and proud!! All of the Finalists were brilliant and I was really proud just to make it that far, but to win was pretty darn amazing!! I was very excited and grateful!!

Has being a winner impacted your business activity so far?

Its been great, there's been so much interest and also so much support and lovely feedback from my current and previous Tots! Its really helped people to notice my classes and reach people who hadn't heard of my classes before!
Its given me a real boost personally too! It can be really hard sometimes not only being self employed but to find the level of energy you need to run classes and make them so much fun, but winning this Award really gave me such a boost! I'm very grateful to have been picked by the Judging Panel!

Do you have any exciting plans this year you could share with us?

I'm very excited about my special Easter Party sessions again this year in April. 3 out of 5 parties sold out over night and all Parties sold out within a week! The support has been brilliant and I love running these Parties, they are great fun!
After that, I'll be planning our Three Weeks of Summer Parties, with paddling pools, giant jelly trays, spaghetti pits, giant beach balls on the parachute and so much more!! I look forward to that crazy fun every year!!

Can you sum up your Wales CASA experience in 3 words?!

Amazing, fun and I'm going to say Princesses - the ladies from Happily Ever After Swansea were so much fun to share a table with!!