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Another judge joins the panel…Club Hub UK Director, Tessa Robinson!

Another judge joins the panel…Club Hub UK Director, Tessa Robinson!

Date: 16th September 2019 | By: Kelly Jenkins

It is with great excitement we announce the 4thmember of our judging panel, children’s activities industry expert Tessa Robinson, Director and Founder of Club Hub UK. Tessa will venture from across the bridge to join us here in Wales on the judging panel, bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in this industry.


In her own words…


“Hello my name is Tessa Robinson. I graduated from Kent Stage Academy of Performing Arts in 2013 where I studied Musical Theatre for two years. Having gained a lot of experience appearing in short films, feature films, commercials, pantomimes and Theatre in Education tours I decided to create "Tessa's Jazz Hands" as I wanted to start up a project that I felt passionate about. At the time I found it really difficult to advertise my kids club to the local community. All my pupils were coming through word of mouth and I didn't have the money to spend on advertising in local magazines which is where my idea for Club Hub came about. What if there was a directory where parents could input their location, child's age and interest and a list of results would come up in mile order?

In 2016 I decided to enter Ideas Britain's #InSport Competition where I took second place. I was able to develop my idea with their mentors and start to create a website and social media pages which is when Dorset Tech got in touch who offered to create my website and app for an amazing price. In August 2016 Club Hub UK went live on the App Store, Google Play and on the Web. It now receives over 60,000 views every month and has over 20,000 Kids Clubs and Activities registered.

I have won numerous awards including the #SBS Award with Theo  Paphitis. The #Queenof Award with The Royal Connection. The #WOW Award with Jacqueline Gold and the #SmartSocial Award with MarketMe and I have been a finalist in many others.

With Tessa's Jazz Hands now in it's 6th year with 7 fully booked classes I feel I have the knowledge and experience on how the kids activities industry works. Of course aspects are changing all the time such as social media but it really is key to keep up to date with everything that can possibly help your business grow. Through Club Hub I am often in touch with lots of directors and head of franchises and independent businesses where I get to hear first hand their challenges and frustrations. I love hearing their aims and goals for the year and get to help them reach them. I also get to hear from parents across the U.K and their struggles which pushes me to develop Club Hub and collaborate with businesses and brands to make sure I am helping them as much as I possibly can”.

We asked Tessa why she feels these awards are important in Wales?
I feel that awards are so important, especially for kids activity providers. Unless you are teaching children on a regular basis, people just have no idea how exhausting it is. Yes there might be more holidays involved sometimes but as well as teaching the lessons there is so much that goes on in the background with actually running the business that it becomes even more tiring and exhausting. Awards such as these really push providers to keep going and it gives them that bit of recognition that they all need to remind them on what an amazing job they are doing”.

How do you think winning an award like this will benefit a business?
“Winning awards has hugely helped both Tessa's Jazz Hands and Club Hub. Most of them are conversation starters and people regularly ask me about my Theo Paphitis (Dragon's Den) award where I wouldn't have connected with half of the kids activity providers, business owners and brands before. They give you that edge as well to any of your competitors and give you that confidence boost to work even harder”.

How can applicants win you over?
“I am looking for inspiring people. Business owners who have created an amazing package where the organiser has spent years getting the branding, processes, support, name recognition and website fine-tuned. They know exactly what it's like to run that type of business and can share priceless tips that they had to learn the hard way”.

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't know from looking at you
“I guess lots of people think I have children of my own as Club Hub and Jazz Hands are so children orientated. Club Hub particularly is at a stage that I don't think I have time for a family yet. Being 26 and being with my boyfriend for over 6 years I know it's round the corner but for now I'm enjoying spending every minute I possibly can being an entrepreneur”.

If you haven't uploaded your details to Club Hub please do via our website at It is totally free for providers to upload and for parents to search for them. Tessa wishes applicants all the luck in the world and is looking forward to meeting, networking and hopefully collaborating with you in the future. Club Hub UK is the category sponsor for the Franchise of the Year category. We would like to thank Tessa again for supporting the Wales Children’s Activities and Services Awards.