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Hannah B Photography…winner’s article!

Hannah B Photography…winner’s article!

Date: 2nd April 2020 | By: Kelly Jenkins

In light of recently challenging times, we took a short break from our Friday spotlight articles which showcase of our winners. However, today we are back with an interview with our Photographer of the Year winner 2020, Hannah B Photography. Read on to find out more...


Hannah, you have a very unusual but truly beautiful business. Could you tell us more about it?

Birth is a sacred, powerful and wholly consuming life experience. We discover new and exciting parts of ourselves, our mind and body are stretched, ready to welcome new life and a new perception of ourselves.
It's a journey worth documenting, and a time to focus and bring the life you nourished for nine or so months Earth-side. Birth photography is tailored individually and specifically to each birth team, ensuring we capture elements and moments that are so important to them. It's a very unique and exciting field, making its way into normality and I'm proud to be part of its journey.

How did you get into this field?

I'd been photographing weddings and families for years before realising my true calling. I was actually IN labour with my first born when I came across birth photography; I had always been fascinated with birth, empowering women and photography and it seemed the natural progression for me to combine the three.
I know from my own experience that I have a very weak memory of my births and looking back on the images gives me the opportunity to reflect and remember the little things I'd forgotten; my husband's gentle touch, the colour my babies were when they were first born, the midwives and team who cared for us. I treasure those photographs with my whole being.What made you enter the awards?
I made a pact to myself in 2019 to start entering competitions as I hadn't entered any before with my photography. I was made aware of these awards by someone who suggested I enter, I didn't hesitate to put myself out there and show off the work that is so deeply important to me.The judges were breath taken at your photography, how did it feel to have your name called out on the evening?
Thank you so so much! It was so brilliant to have my work recognised as award winning! Birth photography is such a niche and new field that I wasn't sure I'd even place. It was a wonderful mixture of shock, pride and happiness; I remember having such a sense of purpose and determination to continue my work, to help families and show the world that birth and lifestyle photography is something to treasure.

I weirdly went incredibly posh during my speech but nonetheless, I was so happy to express my thanks and spread the word about my field.

If anyone is considering entering the awards, what would you say to them?
Enter!!! A chance to have your hard work shown off and praised is so exciting, AND then dressing up and enjoying a VIP evening, perfection.

Describe your awards experience in 3 words!

Exciting, joyous, fun!